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You will probably have read in the Parish magazine that our vicar Godfrey Broster has now retired leaving us in a period of ‘Interregnum’ .  This means very simply that the Church is in a process of trying to find a new vicar for our Parish.  Whilst this is happening, we are limiting services to All Saints, Plumpton only, with a few special services at East Chiltington and St Michaels.  That said, the pandemic has thwarted any regular services being held for the time being.

In the meantime we have been working closely with our Archdeacon, Martin Lloyd-Williams to make plans for the future of our three churches.  East Chiltington church is of particular interest which is why I am writing.

We are aware that previously, work had been carried out to seek permission to use EC church as community space with some proposed modifications.  We have raised this subject with the Archdeacon, and he is very amenable to this idea. There are a number of options available all of which we need to explore.

Before any progress can be made on this subject however, there are more pressing matters of urgent, extensive repairs. We need to raise in the region of £80-100,000 for essential work to be done and it is for this that we are asking for help.  There are a number of organisations and charitable trusts who would be willing to offer grants for these essential repairs and we need volunteers to work with us to secure this funding.  Once funding is secured, we can then look at securing funding to modifying the church for community use.

 This is a valuable long-term community project which needs your input.  If you would like to be involved in this project and/or have experience in grant applications, community consultation processes, please get in touch. We believe that together we can use this opportunity to create a wonderful, useable community space.

Many thanks

Your churchwardens

Amanda Inglis - EC Church

Howard Wood - All Saints Plumpton

David Dawson - St Michaels

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