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Parish trees of note - a request

East Chiltington’s Trees of Note

The Parish Council is supporting the collection of a list of some of the fine trees which exist within the parish. At present only three trees in the parish have known Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), so we would like to ensure that the list is up to date and correct.

There are also many trees which should be protected but which are not on any TPO list. There is therefore nothing to prevent internet or energy contractors carrying out inappropriate work without permission, for instance by lopping or topping to allow overhead cables to be slung through the tree canopy.  

To help compile the list, of known and suggested TPOs it would be much appreciated if residents could send photos, and the exact location of any particularly handsome and important tree which might qualify for protection to Julia Tingle, via the contact details on the Parish website: http://eastchiltington.net/parish-council/clerk-and-councillors/

If you know the Ordnance Survey reference number, this would be much appreciated. For existing TPOs, if the TPO number is known, this information would be extremely helpful.

Lewes District Council would decide whether they are prepared to place TPOs on those suggestions which are sent to the Tree Officer.   


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