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27-05-2018 at 7:00 PM

Raking the Hollycroft Field, Wednesday 6-8pm

The long grass on the Hollycroft Field has been cut in preparation for the Parish Party. But we need to rake up the grass – a job that will be made easier with lots of hands.

So – please come along at 6pm on Wednesday 30thMay. Bring rakes, pitchforks, forks, wheelbarrows.  We will also give it a second cut, so if anyone wants to bring along their mower to help with this, that’d be great. 

Beer for helpers provided when we finish!!

21-05-2018 at 7:23 PM

Managing your data - privacy and data management statement

Privacy and data management statement 

East Chiltington Parish Council, which manages this website, takes the protection of your data seriously. Our aim is to provide a personalised and valuable service whilst safeguarding our users’ privacy. Collecting some personal information is necessary if we are to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our users and we have set out below what we will do with your personal information.


09-05-2018 at 8:21 AM

168 bus timetable changes reversed

Several East Chiltington residents were understandably very concerned about changes to the timetable of the 168 bus which made the time available in Burgess Hill impractically short. We are very pleased that lobbying by our LDC Councillor, Sarah Osborne, has resulted in a reversal of this change.

From Monday  14th May the 168 from East Chiltington will revert back to its previous departure time from there of 10:53. It will be timetabled to arrive in Burgess Hill at 11:25. The bus back from Burgess Hill to East Chiltington will depart at 13:05, as before. 



08-05-2018 at 9:30 AM

Parish trees of note - a request

East Chiltington’s Trees of Note

The Parish Council is supporting the collection of a list of some of the fine trees which exist within the parish. At present only three trees in the parish have known Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), so we would like to ensure that the list is up to date and correct.

There are also many trees which should be protected but which are not on any TPO list. There is therefore nothing to prevent internet or energy contractors carrying out inappropriate work without permission, for instance by lopping or topping to allow overhead cables to be slung through the tree canopy.  

To help compile the list, of known and suggested TPOs it would be much appreciated if residents could send photos, and the exact location of any particularly handsome and important tree which might qualify for protection to Julia Tingle, via the contact details on the Parish website: http://eastchiltington.net/parish-council/clerk-and-councillors/

If you know the Ordnance Survey reference number, this would be much appreciated. For existing TPOs, if the TPO number is known, this information would be extremely helpful.

Lewes District Council would decide whether they are prepared to place TPOs on those suggestions which are sent to the Tree Officer.   


18-04-2018 at 9:34 AM

Parish Party - date change

The date of the Parish Party has been changed as so many people were not able to come on the 30th June and we all felt sad about it so......it is now 7th July

More details to follow so keep an eye out here or on the East Chiltington facebook group.


It's going to be great!!

03-05-2018 at 10:35 AM

Peking to Paris rally - read the article

In 2016, East Chiltington resident Justin Fleming and his son Kristian undertook the gruelling 13,000 km Peking to Paris Rally in a 1972 Ford Capri. Read on for the full story....

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