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14-12-2018 at 5:21 PM

Changes to bus times

There have been some minor changes to the bus service:


166 Lewes-Offham-Plumpton-Wivelsfield Green-Princess Royal Hospital-Haywards Heath

  • The journeys at 07:11 from Princess Royal Hospital to Lewes, 15:55 from Lewes to Haywards Heath, and 16:48 from Haywards Heath to Lewes, are all withdrawn due to low numbers of passengers. Route 168 (see below) is amended so as to provide service users in the Wivelsfield Green and Plumpton Lane areas with a replacement facility to connect with trains at Plumpton Station for Lewes. Most journeys will no longer serve Plumpton College. Some timing changes apply to other journeys and the last departures in each direction run earlier.


167 Lewes-East Chiltington-Plumpton-Ditchling-Hassocks-Burgess Hill

  • The journeys at 07:35 from Lewes to Burgess Hill, and 16:30 from Burgess Hill to Lewes, are withdrawn. See service 168 (below) for part replacement services.


168 Village Rider circular service linking Burgess Hill-Ditchling-Plumpton-Wivelsfield Green

  • A new Mondays to Fridays return service is provided, partly replacing certain 166 and 167 journeys (see above). The morning journey departs from Wivelsfield Green Coppards Close at 07:30, serving Plumpton Lane, Plumpton Green, Plumpton Half Moon, Westmeston, Ditchling, Keymer, Hassocks and Burgess Hill. This journey provides a connection to the 07:44 train from Plumpton to Lewes. The 15:50 journey is revised to depart from Burgess Hill Church Road at 16:00, running via Burgess Hill Tesco, Hassocks Stone Pound, Ditchling, Spatham Lane, Westmeston and then as the morning route in reverse to Wivelsfield Green. This journey is timed to depart from Plumpton Station at 16:36, so as to connect with the 16:29 train arrival from Lewes. 


26-11-2018 at 1:35 PM

Hollycroft field devolution

At a recent meeting, The Parish Council agreed to pursue devolution of the Hollycroft Field and associated areas from LDC to the PC. This follows a Parish-wide consultation in which residents voted overwhelmingly in favour of this course of action. 

What happens now?  The PC has notified LDC of its intention, and the offer of devolution will be formalised at an LDC Council meeting in January. The PC will then instruct a conveyancing solicitor to carry out the formalities. As this may take some time, we have suggested that, for 2019, current maintenance arrangements continue. In due course, the PC, working with TECT and in consultation with residents, will devise a maintenance and use plan for the whole area.


16-11-2018 at 12:35 PM

Lighting the Mount Harry Beacon

Many thanks for those involved in the lighting of the Mount Harry Beacon, which was part of the Remembrance Sunday events last weekend. There was a great crowd of people, a brilliant bugler, and a stirring reading by Michael Webber. Special thanks to Jodie Smith for organising things on the EC side and to Tamsyn D'Arienzo from Hamsey PC, for her huge efforts. It was a very successful collaboration.

08-11-2018 at 7:14 PM

TECT Orchard Work Morning - 25th November - a reminder

TECT Orchard Work Morning

Sunday 25th November 10.30 to 12.30am

Come and join us for a bit of work and a lot of chat as we clear, dig and mulch, and plant our oak saplings.

Bring a fork and spade if you have them and a wheelbarrow if you live nearby.

See you there.

03-11-2018 at 1:59 PM

Mount Harry Beacon lighting

The Beacon at Mount Harry (Hamsey Parish) will be lit at 7pm on November 
11th as part of the chain of beacons marking the end of the first world war.
The event is organised by Hamsey Parish Council with assistance from 
ECPC via Jodie Smith. Jodie is meeting with some walkers at the Half Moon at 6pm (there is a group walking up from Plumpton). Anyone else wanting to go up should make their own way - wear suitable footwear and bring a torch!
03-11-2018 at 12:00 PM

Devolution survey results

Devolution of the Hollycroft Field – survey results

In September, the Parish Council carried out a consultation regarding future ownership of land at Hollycroft. As residents know, Village Green Status was gained for the majority of the Hollycroft Field and this was followed by an offer from LDC to devolve this land, along with the current football pitch, the playground, and all other public areas at Hollycroft, to the ownership of the Parish Council. Although there would be zero purchase cost, there would be financial implications for maintenance and management of the land. Therefore, all residents were sent a leaflet that set out the costs and benefits of the proposal, along with a survey to find out their views. We were interested in finding out whether or not there was broad support for the proposal, along with ideas on the best way to fund it and for future use of the field. In addition, a well-attended meeting was held in the Jolly Sportsman at which these issues were discussed.

We received a response from 25% of all households. This is not especially high but quite typical (if not slightly higher) for a community survey of this type. Response rates were somewhat higher for the centre of the village than for other parts of the parish, but not markedly so. 98%of respondents felt that devolution was a good idea, with just one household feeling that the Parish Council should not accept LDC’s offer.

In terms of how the costs should be funded, of those that agreed it was a good idea, 50% felt that they should be wholly funded through an increase in the precept, 36% felt that there should be a combination of an increase in the precept and community fundraising and 14% felt that the costs should all be paid for solely through community fundraising. There were numerous ideas for future use of the field, among which an area set aside for wildflowers, a community meeting room and a BBQ area were among the more popular.

The results of the survey and next steps will be discussed by councillors at the next Parish Council meeting on November 7th.  

21-05-2018 at 7:23 PM

Managing your data - privacy and data management statement

Privacy and data management statement 

East Chiltington Parish Council, which manages this website, takes the protection of your data seriously. Our aim is to provide a personalised and valuable service whilst safeguarding our users’ privacy. Collecting some personal information is necessary if we are to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our users and we have set out below what we will do with your personal information.


08-05-2018 at 9:30 AM

Parish trees of note - a request

East Chiltington’s Trees of Note

The Parish Council is supporting the collection of a list of some of the fine trees which exist within the parish. At present only three trees in the parish have known Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), so we would like to ensure that the list is up to date and correct.

There are also many trees which should be protected but which are not on any TPO list. There is therefore nothing to prevent internet or energy contractors carrying out inappropriate work without permission, for instance by lopping or topping to allow overhead cables to be slung through the tree canopy.  

To help compile the list, of known and suggested TPOs it would be much appreciated if residents could send photos, and the exact location of any particularly handsome and important tree which might qualify for protection to Julia Tingle, via the contact details on the Parish website: http://eastchiltington.net/parish-council/clerk-and-councillors/

If you know the Ordnance Survey reference number, this would be much appreciated. For existing TPOs, if the TPO number is known, this information would be extremely helpful.

Lewes District Council would decide whether they are prepared to place TPOs on those suggestions which are sent to the Tree Officer.   


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