Lewes District Local Plan consultation events

Public consultation on the Lewes District Local Plan commenced on 29th November 2023, and following the online webinars explaining the Lewes District Local Plan, a series of in person consultation drop-in events are to take place across the plan area in mid-January.

Drop in events will take place at the following:

Newick Community Centre, Marbles Rd, Newick, Lewes BN8 4LR
Chailey Village Hall, Lewes, BN8 4BE
Beechwood Hall, Beechwood Ln, Cooksbridge, BN7 3QG
Ringmer Village Hall, Lewes Rd, Ringmer, Lewes, BN8 5QH
Marine Workshops (TBC)

*organised by Newick Parish Council, with council officers present.

These events are an opportunity for residents, businesses and communities to find out more about the local plan, and ask questions as well as find out how to submit representations. The in person drop-in events begin on Monday 15th January and end on Thursday 18th  January.  Officers from the Planning Policy Team will be available to discuss the Plan as well as answers any questions. There is no need to book, and people can just turn up at these events. If people can not make their local in-person event, they are welcome to attend any of the others to discuss the plan and their own area – all the events are open to everyone.

People can read all the Local Plan documents as well as view the webinars on the Council’s website as well as sharing their views through the consultation event.
Towards a Lewes Local Plan: Spatial Strategy and Policy Directions – Lewes and Eastbourne Planning Policy Consultations (lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk)

£1,000 awards for Students in further and higher education

£1,000 awards are available to local students age between 16 and 25 going into further or higher education. The deadline for application is 31 October. See the Grants section of the website for further details. https://www.eastchiltington.net/community-information/grants-available/

Eton Town “not deliverable”

Lewes Council Publish Preferred Options for development

Lewes have published their decision on potential sites for development. The good news for East Chiltington is North Barnes Farm (the proposed site for the Eton Town development) has been assessed as ‘Not deliverable or Developable’ and therefore is considered to NOT be a suitable location for development for this plan to take forward through this consultation’.

For more information, click here to see the the full report.

Parish Priority Statement

Following a survey of residents for the South Downs Park, we now have the results. A very high response of 122 people from 173 households in the Parish made it very clear they did not want to see development in the Parish, and if anything favoured further re-wilding initiatives. To see all the results of the survey please see the attached document:

East Chiltington Trust

Please find the link to the East Chiltington Trust Website here;  http://theeastchiltingtontrust.org/

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