Managing your data – privacy and data management statement

Privacy and data management statement

East Chiltington Parish Council, which manages this website, takes the protection of your data seriously. Our aim is to provide a personalised and valuable service whilst safeguarding our users’ privacy. Collecting some personal information is necessary if we are to satisfy the expectations and requirements of our users and we have set out below what we will do with your personal information.

Visitors to this website

This website does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about you when you visit this website, including via Cookies, but please read the details below, which include an explanation of some exceptions.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics, which is a web analytics service offered by Google, to tracks and analyse traffic to this website. This helps us offer a better user experience for you.

Every device (router, desktop, tablet, smartphone etc) that is connected directly to the Internet is allocated an Internet address called an IP address. This IP address is considered to be PII because it identifies your location.

By default, Google Analytics saves your IP address. To maintain your privacy, however, we have prevented your IP address from being saved by Google Analytics.


On some pages of the website, there is a form with which you can send a message to our organisation. The forms can include fields of PII, including your name, email address, phone numbers and postal address.

None of this PII is stored in the website’s database or anywhere else. It is only included in an email, which is sent to the recipient of the form and a copy of it to you.

Members of this website

You can register as a member of this website so that you receive an email alert when news items or events are published on the website by an administrator. When you register, we ask for your name and your email address, which are then held in the website’s database. Subsequently, you will receive an email confirming your registration and issuing your password. With your email address and this password, you can sign in to change your email address or your password or remove your registration from the database. Please note:

Only your name and email address are held in the website’s database.
Your email address is not used for any purpose other than:
a) for you to sign in (with your password).

b) to email you a new password if you have forgotten it.

c) to send you email alerts when a news item or event is published on the website.

3. Your name is only used by you or by an administrator of the website to identify your registration record in the website’s database.

4. You can see the information about you that is held in the website’s database by signing in at any time.

5. You can remove your name and email address from the website’s database by signing in at any time.

6. An administrator of the website can remove your name and email address from the website’s database at any time.

This website’s administrators

Administrators can manage the content (text, documents, pictures) on the pages of this website. To do so, the provider of the website creates accounts for administrators, which authenticate them with a username and password and authorise them to do specific administrative tasks.

The only PII held in an administrator’s account in the website’s database is an email address belonging to the administrator. This email address is entered as the username which, with a password, authenticates the administrator. Please note:

The email addresses are not used for any other purpose.
If an individual ceases to be an administrator of this website, we will instruct the website’s provider to delete this administrative account immediately, which will remove any record of their email address from the website’s database.