East Chiltington


Jenni Toomey, Clerk to the Council
Jenni Toomey
Clerk to the Council
01273 890621
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Bowling Green, Chiltington Lane, East Chiltington, East Sussex, BN7 3QU


Carol Funnell,  Councillor
Carol Funnell
Roles: Community care, environment, planning and environment committee
01273 890332
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Patrick David, Councillor
Patrick David
Roles: Finance and staffing
01273 891937
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Mark Marsh, Councillor
Mark Marsh
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Mike Elms, Councillor
Roles: Communications and website
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Roger Nurse,
Roger Nurse
Roles: Planning and environment committee; community events and facilities
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Mary Symes, Vice Chair
Mary Symes
Vice Chair
Roles: Chair of Planning and environment committee, TECT representative
01273 891851
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Cornelius Medvei, Chair of the Council
Cornelius Medvei
Chair of the Council
Roles: Planning
+44 (0) 1273 890744 (preferred)
+44 (0) 7768 600283 (alternative)
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