East Chiltington

The Trustees

Current Trustees are:

Andy Gattiker - Chair

Caro Vickers - secretary

Mary Symes - Parish council Rep.

Jean Scott-Moncrieff - Treasurer

Jo White

Josie Peach


Rules for appointment of Trustees

These rules are set out in the Trust Deed:


1. There must be at least four Trustees, at least two of whom are to be elected councillors of the Parish Council of East Chiltington (“the Parish Council”). Apart from the first Trustees, every Trustee must be appointed by a resolution of the Trustees passed at a special meeting. (A special meeting may be called at any time by the elected Chairman or by any two Trustees - see clause 15 of the Trust Deeds.)

2. Each Trustee shall serve a term of four years and shall retire upon the expiry of such term. The Parish Council may re-nominate any retiring Trustee.

3. The Parish Council are to be responsible for nominating individuals for appointment as Trustees and in doing so they must have regard to the skills, knowledge and experience needed for the effective administration of the Charity.

4. If as a result of any re-organisation, amalgamation or dissolution of local government the Parish Council ceases to exist as constituted at the date that the Trust Deeds were made then the responsibilities and obligations of the Parish Council under clauses 9 (iii) and 12 (i) of this deed shall pass to the Trustees for the time being whether or not they were previously members of the Parish Council.

5. The Trustees must keep a record of the name and address and the dates of appointment, re-appointment and retirement of each Trustee.

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