East Chiltington is a small rural parish, which forms a narrow strip about four miles long and 1.5 miles across at its widest point. It runs from the top of the South Downs, through to near South Chailey to the north. The southern half of the parish falls within the South Downs National Park.

East Chiltington is home to about 180 families. Most of these live in houses and farms scattered along our quiet, single-track lanes. There are two clusters of housing, at Hollycroft in the centre of the parish, and at Pouchlands/Shepherds Way at the border of the parish with South Chailey.

There is no school, shop, or parish hall. However, East Chiltington has a thriving and active community. There are several local businesses, most land is still in farming use, and many people in the parish work locally.

Every year, we hold a parish party on the Hollycroft Field (see the Gallery pages) as well an an annual litter pick. The East Chiltington Trust organises pub quizzes at the Jolly Sportsman, along with annual apple pressing and a harvest supper. We have a community orchard, managed by TECT. The Church is still used for services, but is also a venue for films, theatre and music and there are plans for increased community use.